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Lodge’s new home is completed!

It’s done!  A Certificate of Occupancy for the Fritz Cornell Nordic Hall was issued by the Island County on June 6, 2013 and by the month’s end, the new Hall was furnished with tables & lovely upholstered chairs that will seat one hundred persons.

A great round of applause goes especially to Dick Johnson and Maurice Aasland,  as without their  thousands of hours of effort this building project  would never  have been even possible.    Efforts of many many others have been critical to the completion of building as well.  Lodge members and friends have contributed hundreds of hours planning,  landscaping, furnishing, and otherwise supporting this major project.

The land on which the Fritz Cornell Nordic Hall has been  built was purchased in late 2011.  Construction began in September 2012.  Funding for this major project was gifted to the Lodge by member Fritz Cornell upon his death. Fritz was born in Norway on September 20, 1927,  immigrated to the United States in 1947 and died of leukemia on Dec 16, 2008.

An Open House for the public will be held on Saturday, August 24th, 1:00-6:00pm. All are welcome!

New Lodge building close to completion

jsw_img_7836 cropped Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge’s new building  on Jacobs Road in Coupeville is almost complete!  Members are now turning their efforts more fully to landscaping, acquiring furnishings for the building, and planning for the months ahead.

An open house will be held in late summer, and the general public will be invited for a grand jsw_img_7647_cropped_kitchentour at that time.  Within the walls of their new building,  Nordic Lodge members will celebrate the culture and traditions of all Nordic countries.  Classes & activities with this Nordic  focus –- including cooking, language skills, literature, jsw_img_7801and the arts –- are expected to  commence in the late Fall of 2013 and be open to all who are interested.  Lodge leaders anticipate that it will take 1-2 years before a full program of activities  is truly in place, but they will be nonetheless proud as the first few classes & activities begin.

Lodge construction is getting closer to completion– rapidly!

jsw_img_6610Insulation is in, dry wall up and taped.  Interior painting is to be done soon.  As soon as these tasks are completed, installation of flooring in the kitchen and restrooms will begin, and cabinets, sinks, toilets, etc. will be put in place.
The Lodge meeting on February 16th will focus on decisions aboujsw_img_6640t colors & patterns for walls, flooring and counter tops—and looking ahead a bit further, exterior colors.  Committees taking responsibility for Lodge furnishings, landscaping, rental policies, and the dedication ceremony will give reports on their activities.
Members have also beenjsw_img_6702 revisiting their ‘dream’ list for this new Nordic Center and looking at  the activities they hope to extend to others in the community later this year.   Scandinavian dance, music, language-learning opportunities, arts & crafts, baking classes and perhaps even a lutefisk dinner are all possibilities !

Work on new Nordic Lodge building moves indoors

Thjs46_IMG_6391e roof is on and the building totally enclosed! Plumbing and electrical are in place as well as the furnace.   Soon, insulation  and dry wall up will be installed.

Lodge members now have new tasks ahead of them — choosing  colors, flooring, and kitchen counter tops; acquiring  furnishings; putting together a landscaping plan that will enhance the visual appearance of their Lodgejs46_IMG_6456 and blend well with the native plantings their site already provides; formulating rental policies & procedures so that the building can be used by others in the community; and planning a Dedication ceremony.

Building construction is expected to be completed in mid-2013 and members look forward to their Nordic Lodge building being a place where all Whidbey Islanders of Scandinavian heritage can celebrate that heritage.

New Nordic Lodge construction well under way

jse_IMG_1123Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge’s new building is expected to be fully enclosed by the end of this month.   Last week the trusses for the roof were put in place and this wejse_074ek  the roof is going on and the windows going  in.  Members will have much to celebrate at its upcoming Julefest in addition to the holiday season itself.

Lodge members Dick Johnson and Maurice Aasland are on the site daily, overseeing the work being done, bejse_078ing present for inspections etc.  Lodge construction is expected to be completed by mid-2013.  More information about this project can be found in the  Whidbey News-Times article Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge finds place to call home, published in early November.

Lodge begins construction of its new home

Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge members gathered together on Thursday September 20th to celebrate the breaking of ground for its new building on Jacobs Rd. just south of Coupeville.

Funding for this major project was gifted to the Lodge by member Fritz Cornell upon his death.   Fritz died of leukemia on Dec 16, 2008. He was born in Norway on September 20, 1927, and immigrated to the United States in 1947.

Building construction is expected to be completed in 2013 and members look forward to their Nordic Lodge building being a place where all Whidbey Islanders of Scandinavian heritage can celebrate that heritage. Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge was instituted on May 19, 2001, with 87 initial charter members representing all the Nordic countries.

Stepping up to the future!

Although ground has not yet been broken on the land purchased earlier this year for construction of their own Lodge building, Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge members are busy planning for their future.

Circle discussions to follow pancake breakfast
Following a pancake breakfast beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday November 19th, 2011,  Lodge members will continue their conversations by focusing on identifying the  interests, skills & experience of those present and on the formation of the leadership teams that will allow them to step up to and into the future their own Nordic Lodge meeting facility will make possible for them.

Tour of Lodge building site
The pancake breakfast and meeting will be followed by a tour of the land on which the new Lodge is to be built for those members who have not yet visited the site.