Scandinavian Flat Plain Carving Demonstration

carvingsThere are many styles of  woodcarving, some of which are Relief, Native American, Caricatures, Realistic in Humans, Birds and Animals, as well as Scandinavian.
On Thursday,  April 21st beginning at 1pm at the Nordic Hall just south of Coupeville, local carvers Dick Weber, Phil Kempbell and Chris Eliassen  will discuss and demonstrate the style of carving known as Scandinavian Flat Plain Figure Carving. All have taken classes from Harley Refsal, a nationally known flat plain carver from Decorah Iowa.  In small groups, there will be opportunity for attendees to observe the process by which the three of them, working on the same flat plain figure, approach and achieve the finished product. Time may not permit them to complete this carving, but there will be examples of completed works for visitors to look at.  The public is welcome at this event.  A donation of $5 will be appreciated from those attending who are not members of the Lodge.

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