Alt for Norge

Daughters program photo (2)If you’ve never heard of this TV show, it’s undoubtedly because it’s one that is on Norwegian TV – TVNorge.

Apparently, one of the popular pastimes in Scandinavia these days involves gathering around the television to watch Americans stumble through a cultural obstacle course as they get in touch with their Norwegian heritage.

Producers of Alt for Norge  (or “The Great Norway Adventure,” as it’s called in the States) recruit American contestants for the show who are of Norwegian descent but who have never previously visited their ancestral homeland. The winners get a monetary reward and an in-person meeting with their “lost” Norwegian relatives.

Two of those former contestants  who now have a little farm in the Olympia area  – Alf and Lulie Herigstad — are coming to Whidbey Island to tell us all about their adventuresTheir venue will be a Daughters of Norway meeting on Saturday, May 9, at 10:30 a.m.  at St. Peters Lutheran Church in Clinton, at 6309 S. Wilson Pl. – and the program is open to all who are interested in coming!

If you want to know a little more about the Alt for Norge TV program (now in Season 5) before coming to listen to Alf and Lulie, and get an idea of what they went through, several whole episodes of the series are available on YouTube.  Just type in “Alt for Norge” in the YouTube search bar.

This Daughters of Norway  meeting is also special because it is in conjunction with the 17th of May, Norway’s “Constitution Day”.  The Daughters will be pleased to provide some typical 17th of May celebration food after the presentation, such as sausage/hot dogs with small lefse/lompe, soup, fruit and desserts.  The presentation will take place in the sanctuary at St. Peters, with lunch to follow in the fellowship hall.  All are welcome, Scandinavian or not! There is no charge for this event, but donations will be gratefully accepted from non-members for the meal.

If you have any questions, please contact Kristine Nerison Collins 360 221-5280.

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