Ah, Those Danes, Those Danes: Vikingships Meticulously Unearthed

Viking boatbuilder JaJay Smith 1y Smith returns to the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge on Saturday, January 17, 2015, to present an overview of the Vikingship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, the early years of research, the first Vikingship replica & subsequent reconstructions, and the amazing thoroughness of the Danish marine archaeology teams as well as the marine architects and shipwrights.

Over the last 35 years Jay Smith has researched and built Nordic lapstrake boats, beginning in a small boat shop on a fjord in western Norway. A seven month apprenticeship in the Faroe Islands, sponsored by the Denmark-America Foundation, established a firm footing for future work and study. Since then he has made a living building and repairing boats, specializing in lapstrake construction. Periodic travel and research in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark has strengthened Jay’s understanding of Scandinavian culture, history, and boatbuilding. Over the years he has shared these unique traditions with enthusiastic young boat builders and wooden boat enthusiasts through hands-on workshops, lectures and classes. He now works from his shop near Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island.

The program will begin at approximately 10:30 am, following a brief Nordic Lodge business meeting (10 am) at the Nordic Hall, 63 Jacobs Rd., about one mile south of the intersection of No. Main and Highway 20 in Coupeville.

The Nordic Lodge enthusiastically invites anyone interested to attend.

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