Work on new Nordic Lodge building moves indoors

Thjs46_IMG_6391e roof is on and the building totally enclosed! Plumbing and electrical are in place as well as the furnace.   Soon, insulation  and dry wall up will be installed.

Lodge members now have new tasks ahead of them — choosing  colors, flooring, and kitchen counter tops; acquiring  furnishings; putting together a landscaping plan that will enhance the visual appearance of their Lodgejs46_IMG_6456 and blend well with the native plantings their site already provides; formulating rental policies & procedures so that the building can be used by others in the community; and planning a Dedication ceremony.

Building construction is expected to be completed in mid-2013 and members look forward to their Nordic Lodge building being a place where all Whidbey Islanders of Scandinavian heritage can celebrate that heritage.

One response to “Work on new Nordic Lodge building moves indoors

  1. Mark Agerter, President, District Two, Sons of Norway

    This is so exciting. Congratulations to all the hard working members of Whidbey Island Lodge #2-164 the newest and brightest star of Sons of Norway District Two.

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