Knot-tyer Roy Chapman will be the speaker at Lodge’s January 19th meeting

Roy ChapmanThe first part  of Roy’s talk will be “Why Knot?” — covering approximately 500,000 years of knotting history. Knotting and cord work may be one of the oldest tools influencing mankind’s spread around the world and even influencing our physical and mental development.

Roy will then turn to  “What Knot?”.– and talk about  the tasks we have asked knots and cords to do for us and how the development of new needs have led to the development of new knots and cordages.

Roy was born on a small farm in rural upstate New York.  His Grandfather worked the farm nights and on weekends teaching Roy the farm tasks that soon became his daily chores. As the farm work ran down his Grandfather worked rope skills, building his skills around the county. Roy and his Grandfather kept hayloft rigs working for folks who still farmed.  When machine balers came into fashion Roy bought a rope making rig to spin salvaged bailing twine into utility rope. Roy and Grandfather roped the freight elevators in the century old stores and warehouses.

After joining the Boy Scouts, Roy mentored boys in their knots and pioneering projects and became an Assistant Scoutmaster. His cousin, returning from the war, gave him his Navy Manual. Other folks gave him various knotting books, farm bureau pamphlets, fishing knot sheets from line makers and for his 16th birthday a friend gave him a coy of  Clifford W. Ashley’s “The Ashley Book of Knots”. The doors to Roy’s knotting world were opened.

Roy was President of the Pacific America Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. He has published 30 articles in Guild magazines and newsletters and has created knots acknowledged to be his own intellectual property.

The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Coupeville Recreation Hall and Roy’s talk will  begin at approximately 10:15, after a short business meeting.  The general public is invited to attend.

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