Nordic Boatbuilder Jay Smith will be speaker at November 17th Lodge meeting

F. Jay Smith,  Boatbuilder in the Norwegian Tradition, will be the featured speaker at the Nordic Lodge meeting on November 17th at 10am, at the Coupeville Rec Hall. His talk will be: “The Boats of Western Norway 800-1800AD: A Short History”.

Jay is the owner of the Aspoya Boat Shop in Anacortes where he is presently building a 56′ replica of a Viking ship.   Jay went to Norway in the 1970’s as a student where he became enamored of Nordic culture. After college he returned to Norway where he worked in a boatyard and studied Nordic boatbuilding under a master.  Jay has continued to build boats for over 30 years. The ship under construction at present is a replica of a Norwegian Viking ship built at Sognefjord in the 11th C. AD.

Jay is a fascinating speaker, well versed in Viking history. This is a meeting not to be missed!  The general public is invited to attend.

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