2012 Lodge Officers Installed

Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge’s officers and team leaders for 2012 officially assumed their positions on Saturday January 21st, with former Lodge President Barbara Wilson officiating.  Pete Berg was installed as President, Dick Johnson as Vice President, Liz Berg as Treasurer, and Emilly MacCormick as Secretary.  Team Leaders for 2012 were also recognized for the roles they have assumed.

Barbara preceded the installation ceremony with a review of events during the past year that have led up to the restructuring of our Lodge into the Planning Teams that will allow Lodge membership to more fully participate in  creating the Lodge they envisioned during a brainstorming meeting in February 2011.

Officers for 2012 were elected at the November meeting and Team Chairpersons  were selected by the Teams established at that meeting, after members had had an opportunity to let others know where and how they would personally like to contribute to the Lodge in 2012 and who they felt would best represent our Lodge as officers.

Noting that our new team structure, our visions, and  the way we conduct our business  will undoubtedly  have to be tweaked  in the coming months,  especially as the new building is constructed, Barbara also reminded members that this new team structure for the Lodge nonetheless offers members a solid vehicle through which they can continue to express their wishes and dreams for the Lodge – be a place to be heard – and further offers them an opportunity to  work together with other Lodge members in new ways.

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