Christmas Treasures

These two lovely paintings depicting Swedish celebrations were literally stumbled upon in an antique shop in Mt Vernon WA last month by a Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge member.  The frames that now assure these treasures special attention were custom made for them after the purchase.  Both paintings are 36″ x approximately 15″ in size.

This first painting depicts the  Swedish tradition of  stjärngossar – star boys – which apparently originated during Twelfth Night celebrations of the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem In times past, boys often went round the farms dressed in long white gowns & pointed hats carrying a paper star, singing songs in return for schnapps. Today, the star boys are a part of the Lucia celebration.

This second painting depicts the traditional Swedish folk dance referred to as the lang dans or long dance.

4 responses to “Christmas Treasures

  1. What a find! They’re beautiful. They draw you in to a wonderful and festive Nordic Christmas.

  2. Kristina Katsaros

    These are fabulous and so much like the old traditions.
    So glad you shared these with us.

  3. Hi. Can you post these pictures larger? They are so beautiful, and as small as they are I can’t see much.

    • So pleased that you are enjoying the photos on our website.
      To make them larger, click on them. They will open in a new window in a larger size, although not super large.

      By the way, if you haven’t seen our new Nordic Hall in person yet, please consider coming by when we have our Open House on August 24th!

      -Joan Gerteis

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