10th anniversary celebration!

About 80 Lodge members, friends & families joined together on Saturday May 21st to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge.  Barneleikaringen danced, the Shifty Sailors sang, and following a  fantastic dinner, all listened to Kristine Leander, Executive Director of the Swedish Cultural Center, speak  on the immigration of Scandinavians to the Northwest in the early 1900’s, the imprint they left behind, and how we are now celebrating our heritage.

Efforts to form the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge began in 1999, when Sid Iverson began a campaign to identify and assess the interest of Scandinavians on Whidbey Island in having a lodge.  As a result of Iverson’s efforts, which included the mailing of 750 postcards inviting people with Scandinavian names to informational and organizational meetings,  the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge was instituted on May 19, 2001, with 87 initial charter members representing all the Nordic countries.

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