Nordic LodgeTroll Vogn on the road again!

Memorial Day activities  in Coupeville once again honored our military men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country, while providing a festive and fun day for all those who attended.

Amongst the 72 or so Memorial Day Parade entries was, of course, our Nordic Lodge Troll Vogn!  And Liz Berg reported in that the  Troll Vogn and crew were resplendent in this year’s  parade.  Captain Dick Johnson steered magnificently through the rough seas of Main and Front Streets and First Mate Cherie Iverson handled the distribution of the provisions [THE CANDY] with great efficiency. Unfortunately, all the candy stowed on board was still not enough.  “Mateys“,  says Liz, “we’ll need more next year!”

The Troll crew was garbed in the classic Nordic colors and hoisted their flags with great vigor; the barneleikaringen danced with great abandon; and one Lodge member kept all in great merriment with her Norwegian anti-rain dance. [And it worked!]

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of aquavit was apparently all they lacked.  Maybe next year?

One response to “Nordic LodgeTroll Vogn on the road again!

  1. Cherie Iverson

    It was pure fun!

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