Music, dancing and games with a Scandinavian accent

Scandinavian folk dance can be learned by jumping in and simply trying it. And at the Whidbey Island Nordic Lodge’s Sommerfest/Annual Picnic on Wednesday Aug 4th, that’s exactly what folks, young and old together, did!

Accompanied by Vern Olsen on his accordian and the voices of those prepared to teach both song and dance together, including two members of the Young Scandia Dancers group, Lodge members gathered on the stage of the Pavilion at the Coupeville Town park and danced away! Ring dances tried – successfully I think- included Sma grodorna, Vi äro musikanter, Här är karusellen, and lots of others!

The singing wasn’t to be contained to the dance floor however. A handful of members gathered around the microphone down on the grass where others were relaxing and entertained all with some fun folk songs .

That 1000+ year old Viking game called Kubb, which I talked about in a previous post, was a big hit. Several folks simply couldn’t drag themselves away from it to get up on the dance floor!

Sommerfest on Whidbey–ja!

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